Nightlight Farmers Market

UX + UI + Branding



Although farmer's markets have been around forever, they are not caught up with the times. Nightlight Farmer's Market is a reimagining of the San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market. It is a place to connect with the rest of the community. It features local prepared food vendors, farm-fresh produce, artisans, and music. It is a nighttime event that allows for a more convenient time to visit a market.


To focus on ensuring that technology is there to assist in connecting people to their food, the farmers, and each other. It is fresh, informative, and modern. It is transparent and honest, a quality that is especially important when dealing with the food supply.



To understand the users and identify current problems facing farmer's markets, I gathered data online as well as from both customers and vendors. I ran through the Sprint Process to identify pain points within the current system and to establish a clear way in which I could potentially help.


The Sprint questions allowed me to narrow down my focus, set a goal, and allow me to see how success could be measured.


As part of the Sprint, I gathered data that led me to draw some assumptions people usually have about farmer's markets. These assumptions allowed me to identify other sets of pain points that could potentially make Nightlight have a better experience.

How might we questions

How might we questions allowed me to continue to narrow down pain points. The process allowed me to see what areas I could improve upon and where I should focus my solutions. The highlighted questions were the problems that stood out the most and had the most potential to fix.


I created personas based on data collected from statistics on farmer's markets as well as people I interviewed.

Persona # 1

Persona # 2


After speaking to potential users and looking at statistics, the feature prioritization map allowed me to focus on the features only most relevant to the user.

Research Conclusions

After following the Sprint Process, which included interviewing potential users and stakeholders, I concluded that the main pain points with the current farmer's markets were communication. Vendors often lacked the resources or tools to market themselves to customers. On the customer's end, farmer's markets often lacked the modern experience that people have come to expect. These include the ability to shop online, get food delivered, or get updated about products and other events through social media.








The Nightlight app allows users to shop online and either pick up at the market or get food delivered. The shopping experience will enable vendors to stand out and for users to quickly find the products they are looking to buy.


The main page allows the user to search for products they may be looking for quickly. It also highlights specific products and shows the user their favorite vendors. Users can also explore by category or look at particular vendor pages. On the product page, users have access to reviews as well as quickly being able to see more from that same vendor. From the product page, the user can easily add an item to their shopping list or add it to their cart.

Checking out

After the customer has finished shopping and is ready to pay, they are prompted with delivery information as well as if they'd like to check out as a guest. Checking out as a guest includes entering your address and billing information. The current page is the one with the yellow title, and the user can easily see and navigate back to different parts of the check out process. Once completed, the user has the option to save their delivery information for their next purchase.

Vendor Updates

A significant part of this app is the ability for customers and vendors to have improved communication. The primary way the app accomplishes this is by having and updates tab. Here, vendors have the option of uploading photos or posting updates to keep their customers current on anything related to their products.


The updates tab keeps customers informed on how and what the vendor is currently doing. Here a vendor could post about future crops, delays, or anything impacting their presence at Nightlight. Customers can also quickly jump to a vendor's page and see their feed or immediately start shopping on their page.


If the user has any questions, they can quickly message the vendor and find out more about availability, farming practices, or anything else the customer may want to know.


Once matched to their therapist, the user can choose between three tabs at the bottom. These include Messaging, Calendar, and More. Messaging is where text, videos, and pictures can be sent. The calendar is where you book new video sessions or look at details for passed ones.